SPORTS LOCKER were one of the very first stores in Australia to upgrade to the electronic restring machines and we still believe the BABOLAT machine is the best in the world.

There is a world of difference between having your racquet strung on one of the world's best machines by a professional stringer with over 30 years experience and a "back yarder" with a cheapy, at best, stringing machine. 

Our machines are "constant pull", which means you get accurate tensions every time.

We have strung for some of the world's best players. Why take a chance with your game. Remember not every point in tennis has the same value, in a tie breaker having confidence in your restring could make the difference between winning and coming nowhere!

In addition to our stringing facility we also provide a custom service to give you exactly what you expect from your racquet with our BABOLAT Racquet Diagnostic Centre.

This machine allows us to establish swing weight, weight of the frame, frame stiffness and balance point to ensure all your racquets have the same feel. 

It is also an important tool in advising the tennis player of what racquets may suit them. Frankly if a tennis retailer doen't have one of these machines, or can not explain what these figures means in selecting a racquet, then perhaps they  should not be selling racquets!